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The 2021 Season Package
contains over six hours of video


There are two format options: Blu-ray and DVD.

Video will include the following:
- All halftime field shows and a representative pregame
- Game Day (beyond field shows)
- Indoor Concert
- Bowl Trip

For more details scroll down past the ordering section of this page.


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2020 Season Package Blu-ray $10

2020 Season Package DVD $10

2019 Season Package Blu-ray $30

2019 Season Package DVD $30

2018 Season Package DVD $30



Video Descriptions
UMMB Video is a volunteer group that captures video of the Minnesota Marching Band.
The videos on the set of disks for this season fall into 4 categories:

Field Shows
For field shows we place a camera on the home 50 in the highest accessible
spot in the stadium to give the best possible view of the formations.
(This video is shared on the Minnesota Marching Band YouTube Channel.)
We also have field level cameras to get close ups of soloists and
individuals in the band. For the video disks we mix these different
perspectives into a performance video. All halftime shows and a
representative pregame are part of the video disk set.

Game Day (beyond field shows)
On Game Days we capture video of the various band activities
of the day including: Ski-U-March, Gopher Spirit Rally,
band in the stands during the game, and Post-game.

Indoor Concert
The live video shown on the projection screens during the
concert is shared in the video disk set for a full concert.
Additional footage of the bands meeting prior to the concert
and the post-concert playing on Northrop Mall is also included.

Bowl Trip
Each bowl is different with experiences beyond the on-field performance.
We capture video of the performances and other elements of the trip.

All orders will be distributed at the time of the
Drum Major and Block Captain Tryouts, usually held in April.


Any questions should be directed to Steve Baiel at steve@ummbvideo.com

Proceeds from the video disk sales are used to cover video
production costs such as duplication, cameras and editing.



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